I came to be the 2 HAHA 77 or in a vulgar kind of way at a.m. 10.32 the 7th of October 1950, as a balanced Tiger one way or the other. One year after my sister died and almost ten years after my brother was born. My father, who was an organist, died when I was eleven. The same year I came across the works of Bob Dylan, who became my spiritual father. My mother worked in an office and lived till she was 90. She was always a good friend. Inger shared my roads for many years, which took us around and about. Donzy in France became a retreat. Our son Erik is the dearest blessing. Anette and Jiro the dog brought me around for a while, opened up my eyes for some good and the evil. Finally Christina came to guide me. So here I am in these days, in Malmö and Nice with Tord, Erik, Maria and my wonderful grandchildren Mr. Theodor Adlers, le jeune homme Theo d'or and beautiful Ms. Beatrice Adlers. Christina, Caroline, Mr. Axel, Catinka, Ms. Tilde, Ms. Fanny, Martin, Cornelia, Mr. Max and Ms. Alva.

In the mindbox:
Arts&Crafts is a project where the material of everyday things determines the poetic comments in the objects themselves.

Count on me/Räkna med mig is a project where each figure between 0 and 9 decide if the work of art is a poem, a sculpture, a novel or a painting.

From the Bottom of My Art is a book in progress.
Bob Dylan made me write songs and perform them as himself. Songs brought me to the fields of poetry around 1965. Salvador Dali showed me in these years that anything is possible. Watches can be soft and time is just figures. Dada and surrealism took place in my mind for good. Poetry is everywhere, in collections of poetry even. Finishing the university studies, I began working as a curator in different kind of art contexts. Take a look at  my CV  if you like. Many artists became friends and mentors at different stages of my life. New relations are being built up all the time, some short some everlasting. In the early 1970-ies, Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd and Stefan Wewerka opened up the doors to the international scene and locked up the gates to my own selfhidden creativity at the same time. Fluxus and related artistic fieldbreakers became my family and Erik Dietman my big brother. I never felt borders between the arts, and it interested me in working with artists within music and words. The co-operation between the composer and guitarist Christer Persson has meant a lot to me as well as his colleagues Conny C-A Malmqvist and Terje Thiwång. The artist and publisher Leif Eriksson believed in my works, and he has published most of  my books . HC Ericson has given me thrills and troubles as a great cousin. My works of art have been shown in many places.  My exhibitions  are listed in the usual boring way. Mats B. is always around somewhere, even if he is not here. We could in a sense be eachothers shadows, caught in the spiral of pataphysics.